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Witrigs - Cell Phone Repair Guide and Cell Phone Parts

When your cell phone got some issues or broke by accident, you can refer to our videos of cell phone repair first rather than going to a cell phone repair shop. Actually, everyone can be a phone doctor. Following our repair guide, you can fix your phone on your own.

Witrigs provides all kinds of phone parts, tools, adhesive and other must-have items you need when you want to repair your cell phone. Our phone parts include iPhone parts, Samsung parts, Huawei parts, Sony parts and many other brands like OnePlus, Motorala, Zenphone, Nokia, Google and so on.


PPhil2019-01-28 00:39:44
Replaced my broken screen with this one, just as new now
AAle kom2019-01-26 22:14:22
Got the sticker very soon
SSkull412019-01-26 14:47:01
Screen is perfectly working.. just that sincew its not from oem the screeen outere edges are not curved. there is a weird boundry. But good product overall
RRandy2019-01-26 01:51:19
A great experience all around. Good quality products and delivery as promised.
NNebojsa2019-01-25 07:01:48
Good quality housing. The only flaw is that there is no printed fcc labels, on back. You must transfer buttons hinges, holders.
NNebojsa2019-01-25 06:47:37
High quality lcd for this money. Good viewing angles, accurate colors, uniform backlighting, high quality glass. 3D touch works.

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