Sony Xperia Z4 Teardown

In April of this year, Sony released Xperia Z4 nearly silently in Japan. It doesn’t change a lot and keeps the same shape as well as style with Z3 except abandoning magnetic charging port and applying uncovered USB port. But how about the inner of Sony Xperia Z4?
Let’s have a look by this teardown of Sony Xperia Z4!
First of all, open the Z4 cover flap and remove the SIM & SD card tray. Never forget or it will be a barrier to remove the motherboard.
Next, it’s the back glass. We really have rich experience to remove Xperia Z4 back cover because we have dealt with the teardown of Z1, Z2, Z3 and so on. Give the back cover a heat, open a gap, insert into the guitar pick to cut the sticker underneath, and remove the back panel successfully.
Now we can see the components clearly. Yes, Sony Xperia Z4 is a little different from Z3.
It’s easy to remove battery. It features 3.8V and 2390mAh. And here, we released all the connectors from motherboard.
After twisting off several screws with Phillips screwdriver, we can take away the motherboard easily.
And then, we can remove all the components on the top part such as rear camera, front camera, headphone jack, earpiece speaker and several pcs of securing covers and brackets.
As we know, Sony Xperia Z4 is a kind of waterproof cell. And besides the cover flap, what other protections are used to help anti-water.
Sony Xperia Z4 3.5mm headphone jack is customized by ALPS. And around the headphone jack, there is waterproof foam.
The earpiece speaker is stuck on the top of the frame with waterproof sticker.
Sony Xperia Z4 rear camera features 20.7M pixels while front camera features 5M pixels.
And now, we move into the left components of Sony Xperia Z4 including charging flex, main flex, sensors assembly, vibrator motor and loudspeaker.
Let’s see some details. There is no USB cover on Xperia Z4 anymore, but for waterproof, Sony applies waterproof rubber gasket around the USB port.
What’s more, there is a cover on the MIC.
That’s Sony Xperia Z4 motherboard.
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We stop Sony Xperia Z4 disassmble here, have you know clearly about that phone?


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  • shery

    Great comparison and details I,ve ever seen
    Can u tell me if Z4 has got 5 pole earphone jack?