Sony Xperia Z3 LCD Screen Replace Guide

It’s said that Sony Xperia Z3 LCD screen is weak such as easy to crack and broken. At that time, what only you can do is to replace and repair it. But as our experience, there will be some little problems will be met and should pay close attention to when do the replacement. So we concluded our process and give that repair blog.


Repair tools: heat gun or hair dryer, suction cup, guitar picks, spudger, tweezers and Philips screwdriver.
Required parts: Sony Xperia Z3 LCD screen, LCD screen adhesive sticker (For the reason that the new screen maybe come with no sticker) and back cover adhesive sticker (For the reason that the waterproof sticker is disposable and the old one can’t work any more.)
Waterproof or that: It’s absolutely not waterproof unless you send it to Sony Care.  And we will list all the reasons later.
Important tips: Never miss the part called “Kindly remind” of this repair blog.

Video Walkthrough

Repair Guide

Step 1. Remove back cover

1. Heat to soften back cover sticker.
2. Use suction cup to pull up a gap and insert into the guitar pick.
3. Slide guitar pick to cut the sticker and remove the back cover.

Step 2. Remove battery

Remove battery is for its safety. Because heating LCD screen will produce much heat.
1. Release battery connector and get free the fastening tape.
2. Pry up and remove battery easily.

Step 3. Remove loudspeaker assembly

1. Twist off two Philips screws and release all connectors connecting with assembly.
2. Remove vibrator securing bracket.
3. Remove loudspeaker assembly securing cover.
4. Pry up and remove assembly.

Step 4. Remove LCD screen

1. Pry up MIC to make it possible to remove LCD flex cover.
2. Release LCD connector with main flex.
3. Get the LCD screen flex free from the sticker under.
4. Heat LCD screen along the edges. Don’t close to the middle part and avoid the strong heat damage the LCD or backlight.
5. Use the suction to drag the screen to open a gap from top side.
6. Slide guitar pick to cut the sticker on the top side while use spudger to cut the sticker along both right and left side.
7. Get the LCD screen open from midframe and cut the sticker on bottom side carefully. Remove LCD screen finally.

Kindly Remind

Warning 1.  It’s weird design that there is no any supporting shield between earpiece speaker and touch panel, which means the earpiece speaker is stuck on Sony Xperia Z3 front glass directly. So if you handle properly when remove screen, the earpiece speaker will come with the screen together while if not lucky, the earpiece speaker will be separated from screen like what we have done (but it’s dangerous and easy to break earpiece speaker).
Warning 2. What the black bracket you are seeing is for securing earpiece speaker by kinds of adhesive sticker. So the “proper handle” reminded above is never let your guitar pick overpass that bracket when cut the sticker. Remember it’s position and the guitar pick length you use.
Warning 3.  Sad news – the new LCD screen doesn’t come with the bracket, which means you have to remove the whole earpiece speaker with the bracket into the new screen rightly. it’s difficult and really complicated. But if you have any good idea about this, please leave your comments and let us have a lesson.

Why Sony Xperia Z3 not waterproof after LCD screen replacement

Reason 1. If you get the original LCD supporting frame sticker and back cover sticker. They do a lot on waterproof.
Reason 2. You can see that the removed broken LCD screen comes with the waterproof tape to cover the earpiece slot but the new LCD screen have no. So when you choose the LCD screen, you should pay attention to these small but important points.
Reason 3. The MIC also means a lot. The MIC of Sony Xperia Z3 is covered by a kind of rubber film. And when you pry it up, you maybe have broken it. That’s the second risk.
That’s all what we want to show and we want to tell, if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave your comments, and we will work them especially for you.

  • Howard

    hey, thanks for post this article that let me know structure of xperia z3.
    in fact, I have one question, and it bother me a lot.

    I have bought a xperia z3.
    and one time, I try to use a pin to clean up the hole of loudspeaker,
    and it’s broken a little hole.
    I think the waterproof tape is a little broken.

    and I try to clean it after,
    I think it still waterproof because after soak it into water
    it still work,
    but I’m not really sure.

    I send it back to xperia care
    and they told me it need $159
    it’s too expensive.

    so… can you give me a suggestion if I have to change it or not?

    BTW, there is a waterproof front housing sticker on lcd
    why it still need waterproof tape on speaker hole?

    I think if it can waterproof in some life case,
    like use in rainy, clean lcd screen with water,
    use in bath, I will not change it.


  • Deo Zumang

    is the lcd/digitizer of z3 dual the same as that of z3?


  • Minas Mayth

    Can I use the screen of an M4 Aqua?