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    The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is announced by Xiaomi in September 2017. The Mi Mix 2, with a full screen display display comes with a 18:9 aspect ratio - a result of our relentless pursuit in technology innovation, also known as Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo. The innovation in full screen display technology introduces a narrower chin, smaller front camera, and a hidden proximity sensor that fits Mi MIX 2 perfectly in your palm.

    There are some mostly commonly problems for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 are replacing a not working screen or cracked battery cover. To fix your broken Mi Mix 2, Witrigs provides Mi Mix 2 replacement parts, repair tools or repair guides for you to get your phone back to work. Very often, it’s not always feasible to go out and buy a brand new device or have it repaired in a repair shop. Whatever problems you suffer with your Mi Mix 2 such as the screen is broken, the rear camera doesn’t work, or the battery cover get smashed, Witrigs will help you out. Shop our complete catalogue of Mi Mix 2 replacement parts above and DIY repair your damaged Mi Mix Evo.

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