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List of All Problems and Solutions for Sony Xperia Z1 Display

Coming with a 5″ TFT capacitive display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels at 441 ppi pixel density, Sony Xperia Z1 is the flagship smartphone showed up in September 2013. Sony boasts that its 20.7 MP super camera is one of the world’s highest resolution camera of smartphone, which can capture any wonderful moment. As a user, you will be satisfied with its excellent features. But gold can’t be pure and man can’t be perfect. What should you do when the screen of Xperia Z1 can’t work as usual or broke? Here will list some problems coming forth. You can diagnose and fix the screen of Xperia Z1 by yourself.

sony xperia z1 cracked screen

Common issues and solutions of Sony Xperia Z1 Screen:

* The issue that the Sony Xperia Z1 failing to follow the track happens from time to time when you do Sony Xperia Diagnostic test. You suddenly fail to move or aim when playing games for several minutes.  It can’t work when you draw line to unlock. You can see yellow line kept disappearing after just few cm and it seems that screen stops registering touch for a moment!

Sony Xperia Z1 unlock

Follow is Xperia Z1 touch screen problem video from Youtube :

Is it hardware or software problem?

Unfortunately, there is still no official response from Sony although it has appeared on other Sony phones. Here are some ways to reduce the frequency. You can install a new software. A few people said the touch screen issue hasn’t shown itself so far after installing. But most people said that the update can’t completely fix it but could help to reduce frequency of issues. Another way to lessen the issues from happening is doing as below. Settings > Language and Input > Scroll to lowest > Open Pointer speed > Make it slowest.

* The phone dropped on the ground and luckily the frame and glass hold up remarkably well. But you will find the flicking screen shows up or the some color lines turn up on screen as below. What’s wrong? You may have bumped the LCD connector off while dropping. But the most probable reason is that the LCD screen is broken.

sony xperia z1 broken screen

These phenomena happen after impact:

1. White screen of death
2. Sleep of death / Black Screen of death
3. Flickering screen / Color lines on screen
4. Big white stripes on screen
5. Unresponsive screen
6. Only backlight
7. Backlit

Sony Xperia Z1 screen problems

You can try these:

Step 1: Check the connectors of screen whether they loosen or not.
Step 2: If the connectors hold in place, take a good look at the LCD with digitizer flex cables, it is the most vulnerable part. If they have been worn, you have to replace the whole LCD screen with digitizer.
Step 3: If the flex cables are intact, the problems still exist. You need to replace the complete LCD display with digitizer because the LCD is damaged.

* The issues as below:

The screen has yellowish stuff after water damage.
Some color spots creep on the screen, especially on the corners of screen.

Sony Xperia Z1 screen has yellowish spots

The LCD is defective if your LCD screen was involved in these issues. It is not the fault of flex cables or connectors. Unfortunately, you need a new LCD screen.

*Touch screen problems:

1. The half of the touch screen is unresponsive.
2. Some parts fail to responsive.
3. The touch screen can’t work.

Xperia Z1 Touch Screen issue

You are assailed with these issues. Some ways you can try:
Step 1:Check the touch screen digitizer flex cable. The cracked and worn flex cable is the main factor leading to these issues. If the flex cable is broken, you have to replace a new touch screen.

Sony Xperia Z1 touch sreen digitizer flex cable

Step 2: If the flex cable looks intact, it doesn’t mean that the touch screen digitizer is in good condition. You can use a new one to test whether the touch screen digitizer is broken or the touch IC of the mother board is broken. If the new touch screen works well during test, it means the touch IC is good but the function of the old touch screen itself is damaged. If the new touch screen can’t work either, it seems that the touch IC of the mother board is damaged. In this condition, you have to send it to Sony customer service.

* The screen was crawling with abrasion and scratches but without crack.

Don’t worry. There is an Anti-Shatter film on the front screen. And the Sony logo is present on the film which came with strong adhesive sticker. You can tear it off and stick a new one.

abrasion Sony Xperia Z1

* Which part you need to replace when the issues happen as below?

1. Totally broken screen with cracked front glass digitizer
2. Intact screen with shattered touch screen digitizer
3. Sony Xperia Z1 broken screen
4. Broken LCD screen flex cable
5. Dead touch screen digitizer flex cable

xperia z1 broken screen

Complete Sony Xperia Z1 display component is made up of multiple parts including the ASF, the touch screen digitizer, the LCD screen and the LCD screen supporting frame. Those parts are combined by adhesives.

xperia z1 replacement screen

So if the Touch screen broke, the crack will appear but the bond of the adhesive will keep the pieces together, and make it tough to feel. The only way to repair this would be replacing the glass/touch screen. But the Xperia Z1 replacement screen has been compressed with digitizer. Separating them needs technical skills which are only mastered by the factory. So the only choice for you is to replace the complete part.

If the Sony Xperia Z1 cracked screen cropped up but the touch screen kept good, you also need to replace the LCD screen with digitizer whose price is just a little higher than the LCD screen.

The flex cables of the touch screen and LCD screen can’t be replace alone. So you have to replace the whole once one of the flex cables is broken.

You will find two screen components of Xperia Z1 are sold in the market, “the LCD screen with digitizer” and “the complete LCD screen with digitizer and frame”. Which one is suitable for you?

To be honest, it is hard for you to separate the LCD screen with digitizer from the LCD screen supporting frame because of the strong adhesive sticker unless you are skillful at teardown. You need to risk breaking the screen when separating them, which occur frequently. So you’d better to buy the complete LCD screen with digitizer and frame.

How to replace the Sony Xperia Z1 LCD screen with digitizer and frame?

You can follow this Z1 disassemble and assemble video as below.

Full teardown Sony Xperia Z1 blog

* The first step of replacing the screen part is to disassemble the battery cover.
* The repair tools for Sony Xperia z1 screen repair :

repair tools for Sony Xperia z1 screen repair

Spudger Tools
Hexagonal Screwdriver (0.8)
Guitar Picks
Suction Cup Tool
Heat Gun/Blow Dryer

* The adhesive stickers you need:
Sony Xperia z1 Adhesive sticker

Back Glass Adhesive Sticker
Back Supporting Frame Adhesive Sticker
Middle Frame Adhesive Sticker
Glue – Quick-drying glue

* In order to keep the Xperia Z1 waterproofing all the time, you’d better replace the complete LCD screen with digitizer and frame when the problems happen. Otherwise, you‘d better send it to customer service if you only want to replace LCD screen with digitizer part.

Sony Xperia z1 screen repair


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  • Bogdan Petcu

    i have change an lcd and it was working fine, after 3 week I decide to change the speaker and the 2 rf antenna. After that my touch screen stop working, the lcd is fine no problem, only the touch screen does not work, nothing. I can connect a mouse to the phone, and I can go on the menu of the phone just like a normal computer. Please tell me what could be the problem software or hardware? the compass does not work too and it can not be calibrated.